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Individual Therapy

Unresolved trauma, attachment injury, and old emotional wounds from the past create a fractured foundation. They affect our sense of self, make us feel empty inside, and lead us to believe that there is something terribly wrong with us.

However, some symptoms that we experience as adults, such as excessive self-blame, addictive behaviours, anxiety, depression, a constant need to please others, sensitivity to rejection, and being easily overwhelmed, are caused by what failed to happen for us in childhood.

Let me help you explore the part of you that was hurt and still carries the trauma and suffering. Together we will explore your experiences, identify patterns, and build a road map to find healthy strategies to help you cope with your mental health concerns, emotional dysregulation, and the impacts of trauma.

Get in Touch

I invite you to contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how I could help you get to the root of your difficulties and help you learn more adaptive ways to manage them. 

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